Frequently Asked Questions

Your answers to common
international tax planning questions

Determining the best course of action for your business taxes starts with tax planning. Tax planning is an important first step to identify tax advantages that will generate tax savings.

Why do I need an international tax planner?

The U.S. tax system is known to be complex and difficult to navigate. When developing a global business strategy, the decisions made will have an impact on the overall taxes owed by a company. With adequate planning and advisory, business owners can avoid common costly mistakes.

When should I start international tax planning?

Tax planning is most effective when implemented prior to the formation of the new business. For instance, determining the most tax efficient business structure based on your particular situation is the first step in tax planning. Tax planning allows you to create a custom solution for your business proposition.

How do I know if I need international tax planning services?

Whether you intend on entering the U.S. market or simply partnering with an individual/ corporation deemed a foreign person, either can trigger new taxes or tax reporting requirements. Maintaining your business in compliance with the IRS is imperative as the penalties for incorrect filing or missing forms can be as high as $25,000 per form per tax year.

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